Hand Grenade Bottle Opener and Wine Opener

The key to making this explosion of flavor possible is that the Hand Grenade have the safety handle. Without the handle on the grenade opening bottles is impossible or at least more difficult considering that it’s a Grenade. The safety handle is used as the catch point to pull the cap off the bottle.

The use of a live grenade is possible but not a great choice based on safety concerns and the fact that it’s a live grenade. I would suggest that you track down a dummy grenade considering that live a grenade would be much harder to come by. Most dummy grenades can be found U.S Military Surplus stores for around $10 dollars.

If by chance you also have a spare cork screw the and metal working equipment the dummy grenade housing can be expanded to include the cork screw so that the safety handle of the grenade can act as the leverage point to pull out the cork.

Possibly one of the greatest joke bottle openers of all time to give you and whoever you drink with a chance for a good laugh…unless you drink alone…


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