Republic: The Revolution

The fragmentation of the Soviet Union into a number of minor states brought about a great deal of turmoil in Eastern Europe. The game Republic: The Revolution takes place in one of these volatile states. The fictional state of Novistrana is the main battle ground of the game. The role of the player is of a young revolutionary who is attempting to establish a grass roots revolution.

The Revolution starts after you answers 10 personality questions that define the political ideology of your faction. The game mechanics play out a bit like a board with the player selecting basic actions that increase their factions influence over parts of the country. The game has a full 3D environment that has a lively world to observe. The different actions the player can take in this world range from giving a public speech to having some one savagely beaten for having a different political view. These political actions however can influence your faction depending on your ideology. Some of your parties members might become unsatisfied if they disagree with extreme violence or if they are capitalist and your parties main goal is to become communist.

The game before it came out in 2003 promised a huge variety of options when it came to the 3D world but those functions had to be cut from the game because it was considered almost impossible to get the revolution going within a life time with all the options open to a player. The Game stream lined the functions and as a result its not as ground breaking but it still presents unique game play concepts that probably make it only game of this genre.


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