World War One Alternate Timelines continued

The next game that takes World War One through an alternate history is Iron Storm. The game is a guilty pleasure because of its original story line. The game however suffered from glitches and bugs when it was first released which prevented the game from really achieving a lasting legacy aside from being a minor footnote. The plot to the game is that World War One never ended. The conflict continued well past 1918. The German Empire self destructed  to internal pressures but Allied victory was prevented because in the east Russia had redefined itself as the Mongolian-Russian Empire and is now invading Europe.

The Russian Tsar Nicholas did die at the hands of the Red Revolution but a cousin of the royal family conquered Mongolia and United the White Russians and turned his full force against the Bolsheviks. The Communists in Russia were crushed and the new Mongolian Russian Empire was ready to strike back at the Germans. The Russian Empire took advantage of the German internal problems and managed to take control of major areas of German.The First World War from that point on just continued. The War caused the Western European states to unite in a confederation against the east. The War shifted to one of economic victory when both sides put their Armies on the stock exchange. The United States became one of the main supporters of the war investing heavily in the Western European armies.

The main twist of the game’s story is that a secret American industrial military group is supporting both sides in the war. The economic interests of United States are responsible for the war dragging on for 50 years.

The reason why both these games fall into the “That would Never Happen” Category is because the main enemy is Russia in both, Codename eagle and Iron Storm. Russia would never have been able to finish off the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks although fewer in number than the Whites had a united command structure and central control of Russia’s industrial heart land. The Whites were too fragmented to ever achieve victory. The Iron Storm story line is a lot more interesting than Codename Eagle but if you look at the Mongolian part of Iron Storm the game doesn’t take into account that there were only 1 million Mongolians alive in 1914-1918. Even today there are fewer than 7 million Mongolians. The idea that they could some how turn the tide in favor of the Whites in the Russian Revolution is impossible with such a low population when you consider that the Russia had a population around 114 million in 1914.


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