Zotac, Pax 2012

Perhaps one of the strangest computer peripherals I have ever seen was at the Zotac booth. The Zotac computer company has made a number of gaming related items and this device would not be out of their area of expertise with the exception that it is a gun peripheral. The controller can only be described as a hand gun that is constantly being waved in the face of Wheatly from Portal 2. The gun while a newish idea falls short of improving the gaming experience. I would have liked to say it makes FPS PC gaming like the arcade shooter Silent Scope but no, it is nowhere near that level of fun or practical. Using the controller is more like playing a game where the main controlling device feels like a door knob that just happens to have a trigger on it.

The device is different I will credit it with that much but as for how practical it is, no one will be improving their fps skills with this anytime soon.


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