World of Planes, Pax 2012

World of Planes is the next installment of the World of Tanks MMO universe. World of Planes takes the gritty ground combat of World of Tanks and puts it right up in that blue sky’s face. World of Planes takes the same systematic style from World of Tanks and applies it to the many aircraft that have come into service over the last 100 years of flight. The airplanes ranging from biplanes to the most advanced of jet powered aircraft.

While at Pax I was given the chance to play the game and fly the German ME-262 jet fighter. The game is basically identical to World of Tanks in terms of user interface. The game play was rather fun but the ME-262 felt extremely clunky to fly with a keyboard and mouse even with a joystick the planes response time was lagged and it felt more like the aircraft was a falling brink than fighter capable of going 500 miles per hour. I’m sure clunky controls will eventually be fixed once the game has been out longer.

The game was rather fun and it is certainly worth checking out considering that it’s free.


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