Blacklight: Retribution

A case for wall hacks. For the first time ever it is impossible to complain about wall hacking. Why you may ask? The game actually includes that into the game play. The inclusion of that feature makes for exciting game play that is unbelievably is balanced. The trade off to using the “wall hack” in game is that while using it all shooting functions are locked out until you return to normal vision mode. The game Blacklight is surprisingly good for a free to play game. The game does have a pay to win option but all that option does is unlock more skins and custom options. The game is not one sided towards players who purchase in game items. Skill ultimately decides the player’s success in game.

For a free to play game it is definitively worth checking out. As far as first person shooters go this game ranks among the top released over the last year. Check out the game, seriously what do you have to lose it’s free.


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