Sim City, Pax Prime 2012

Another gem that was hidden among the many booths of Pax. The latest installment of Sim City is a refreshing addition to the franchise. The newest Sim City feels strangely more personalized, not in the sense that the game is made specifically for the player but it gives the player a closer connection with their city. Each citizen has their own home and job that they work at in and thus their own traffic route that they like to take. The game allows for the player to customize at greater levels. Each building that provides a service can be modified to expand its potential. Hospitals can be upgraded, power stations can be modified, even the land fill can be upgraded to provide better service.

The newest version of Sim City will also have a multi-player option that allow players to work together with their cities sharing resources and working together to create international airports and other large wonders.

The game from what I played will defiantly be worth picking up if you like Sim City.


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