StarTrek: Co-op Battle Adventure Xbox 360


What would you consider a Star Trek license Co-op game? Fun? A punishment?

I sure didn’t have fun, never before have I played such an uninspired Star Trek game and I’ve played all of them.  When  thinking about a third person Star Trek action shooter the first thing that has to comes to mind is Platforming with horrific controls, right? If at any point that was the first thought you had about a Star Trek game then this is the game for you! Star Trek the game is more like a trial of will power. How long can you endure a game that really isn’t fun simply because you have a deep love of the franchise it’s based on? I asked myself this question repeatedly over the course of 8 hours as I played through this game.

The game play was awful. Controls were sluggish and unresponsive majority of the time. In an attempt to make up for this the game added a auto aim that only made this worse considering it would lock onto whatever enemy was behind a box instead of the one directly in front of you. Missions and story line was cookie cutter of events from the first film so it was completely predictable.

The times I had fun were so short lived it was like a passing memory. The only three moments I had fun in the game. Number one, using the Enterprise to fight the Gorn in space. Number Two, flying down the side of a mountain like a flying squirrel. Number Three, flying through space being pulled by a random device. Note how none of these were when I was playing the shooter part of the game.

Weapons in the game were annoying most of time. When using the starting Phaser pistols you would spend more time waiting for the thing to cool down from over heating than actually shooting. Which left awkward moments of staring at an enemy. Even after using the in-game upgrades the problem was still happening all time. This left the game to be played mainly with picked up weapons simply because they didn’t over heat all the time.

Controls are bad. So bad they added an underwater stage. It wasn’t annoying enough that it requires you to swim underwater with crappy controls the game adds underwater mines to avoid/ defuse. Also on the 360 version of the games 2nd player’s portion of the screen underwater becomes  half visible as it water effects out of control. Did they even test this game?

The stun option in the game merits its own mention. It’s really great not to kill anyone. The game however punishes you for making this choice. When you stun someone you have to run up them and Tap the X button. Not press mind you TAP and it’s slow and takes it’s sweet time. I even changed controllers to test if that was the problem. No the game just wants you to take the easy way and kill everything.

PUZZLES! The game has a mechanic in it where you have to sometimes open doors by solving puzzles. There are only three puzzles in the entire game for this action. Best be ready because they happen all the time. One of which requires both players to work together. It’s cute at first but after the 14th time solving the same puzzle it gets extremely tiresome.

The game’s story line falls no where in the history of Star Trek, and instead decides to make up what ever it wants about the Gorn. Completely removing them from this universe and make them trans-dimensional invaders.

    I have always loved Star Trek. I have often bought titles simply because they had Star Trek in the title. This time I was lucky enough to only rent it.  If you have a few hours to kill and really want to test your endurance for punishment and self hate, this is a game to try.


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