State of Decay, Pax Prime 2012

State of Decay as seen at pax 2012 was a welcome sight among the other attractions. It however was lost among the many other games Microsoft was releasing, limited to just 4 screens facing away from the main areas of traffic. If I had not actively looked for the game it would have been easy to miss. The game presented a unique game play style, a third person arcade style set up with the objective of surviving the zombie apocalypse. I have heard people say that the game is a rip off of the Dayz mod for Arma II. From what I saw of the game it is a completely different gaming experience.

Reasons why it will be different from Dayz: it’s a single player game. Although, saying “Oh so your game is like Dayz” did cause a great moment where the exhibitors got rather annoyed at the statement.  The main objective of the game is to survive the apocalypse and rebuild society as the player see’s fit. The game allows for the fortification of locations and create farms and machine shops. The game also brings into account team building, selecting different characters that will better help your group of survivors ride out the chaos.

The game was still in Alpha build and from what I played it appeared promising. The game has been estimated for release next year at around $20 which will be well worth it.


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